Other Program Information

Movement Within the Club/Academy

If the coaching staff assess a skater as ready to move onto a new level within the organization, the coaches will speak with the parents about this possibility. If acceptable, the difference in fees between the levels must be paid in full prior to moving onto the new level.

Payment Options

The NSSA/SSC understands the financial reality of everyday life. We strive to make skating affordable and therefore our Academy offers financial flexibility. Session fees for Preschool and Canskate programs can be divided into THREE payments. For our figure skating programs, the fees can be divided into FIVE payments. We require full payment or post-dated cheques at the time of registration. This is outlined on the registration form.

Please Note:
All skaters are required to pay the $59 Skate Canada fee, unless this fee is already paid to a different Skate Canada Club for the 2023/2024 season. Skate Canada season runs from September 1, 2023 thru August 31, 2024. If you have already paid your Skate Canada fee to another club, please notify NSSA/SSC.
At no time are parents/guardians or baby-sitters permitted on the ice, due to insurance coverage.
85% of Club/Academy expenses for the season are for ice costs with the City of Stratford.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given after receipt of registration without supporting Medical documentation.  Refunds will be subject to a $50 administration fee, Insurance fee, and a fee for the sessions that took place prior to the Doctor’s note being received.   All requests for refunds must be submitted to NSSA in writing. Refunds will only be given automatically to Preschool members on or before the 3rd skating week.

There will be a $35 charge levied on each N.S.F. cheque or stopped payment cheque returned.