Stratford Skating Club and Northern Star Skating Academy Inc. Policies and Procedures

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Welcome Statement

The Stratford Skating Club and Northern Star Skating Academy Inc., are welcoming and inclusive. We support a safe, open, and inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, indigeneity, religion, class, size, ability, gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality. We are welcoming to all skaters and coaches from any other Skate Canada Club/School. We are committed to providing strong and positive leadership that models fair and respectful behaviour.

A mandatory annual Skate Canada Membership fee is charged per skater unless the skater is a registered member at another club. The Skate Canada Membership fee is determined by Skate Canada. The Skate Canada fee is included in all Stratford SC/NSSA Inc. program fees. If a skater is registered as a home skater through a different Skate Canada Club/School, this Skate Canada fee can be removed from the SSC/NSSA Inc. fees. The Skate Canada fee is non-refundable.

Registration can be done with paper registration forms or online. SSC/NSSA Inc. reserves the right to close registration at any time. Registration cannot be completed until the club has received the completed registration with payment in full.

Payment/Registration Options
The NSSA/SSC understands the financial reality of everyday life. We strive to make skating affordable and therefore our Academy offers financial
flexibility. Session fees for Preschool and Canskate programs can be divided into THREE payments. For our figure skating programs, the fees can be divided into FIVE payments. We require full payment or all post-dated cheques at the 6me of registration. This is outlined on the registration form.

All skaters are welcome to register with the paper registration form and pay by cash or cheque. registration may also be done online through and payment on-line can be made by Visa or MasterCard.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be given after receipt of registration without supporting Medical documentation. Preschool programs may receive a refund within the first three weeks of the start of the session.
  • Refunds will be subject to a $50 administration fee, Insurance fee, and a fee for the sessions that took place prior to the Doctors note being received. All requests for refunds must be submitted to NSSA in writing. Refunds will only be given automatically to Preschool members on or before the 3rd skating week.
  • There will be a $35 charge levied on each N.S.F. cheque or stopped payment cheque returned.

Members in Arrears Policy

  • If a member has an NSF with the NSSA, the member will be contacted immediately and an arrangement to replace this NSF amount will be put into place (subject to the administrations discretion). If this arrangement is not put in place, the skater(s) will not be able to continue in their program(s) un.l the NSF amount is paid in full.
  • If a member has two NSF cheques within one fiscal year, the member will be required to make future payments with a certified cheque, money order, or cash.

Movement Within the Club/Academy 

If the coaching staff assess a skater as ready to move onto a new level within the organization, the coaches will speak with the parents about this possibility. If acceptable, the difference in fees between the levels must be paid in full prior to moving onto the new level.

Guest Skating
Guest skating is allowed on all sessions as long as space permits. All guest skaters must set up their day/session .me prior to the session starting. Guest skaters must get permission from the SSC/NSSA Inc. in order to guest skate on a session. The guest skate fee is determined yearly by the SSC/NSSA Inc.

Test Fees 

There is a $12 fee on each Skate Canada Star 1-5 tests. For all Skate Canada tests Star 6 to Gold, there will be a $12 fee on each Skate Canada test and one $5 Club fee per test night. This helps to cover additional assessor costs.

Voluntary Fundraising Campaigns
The SSC/NSSA will hold ‘voluntary fundraising campaigns’ during the season. We will offer one campaign in the Fall and one in the Winter. Participation with these fundraisers is greatly appreciated.

Competition Volunteers
The SSC hosts the Stratford December Classic Provincial Series skating competition every December. We annually host over 700 skaters at this event.  It takes a lot of volunteers to run an event of this size. We encourage all parents/skaters to volunteer for a shiT at this event.

Ice Use and Schedule
The SSC/NSSA Inc. reserves the right to change sessions or ice times without notice at any time during the skating season and may pre-empt sessions for test days, competitions and Demo Night without reimbursement.

CSA certified hockey helmets are mandatory for all Preschool and Canskate participants. Bike helmets, Ski helmets, Riding helmets, etc, are not acceptable

Behaviour and Ice Etiquette
The SSC/NSSA Inc. reserves the right to remove any skater from the ice for disruptive behaviour or actions that are deemed dangerous to the individual or to others, and/or, to remove any skater from the ice if that skater’s parent/guardian enters the ice surface, is disruptive or acts in a way that is deemed dangerous to the skater or to others. SSC/NSSA Inc. may revoke the membership without refund.

Session Guidelines for Skaters

  1. Skaters will follow all ice etiquette guidelines—first right of way on the ice is for skaters with music on (solo or dance), second right of way is for skaters in lessons, then all other skaters. Skaters will be courteous when letting other skaters know they are coming in that direction;
  2. Skaters must wear appropriate training clothing at all times while on the ice or taking part in off ice classes. Clothing should allow the skater to move freely and not be baggy. Appropriate on ice training clothing are: skating dresses, skating skirts, short/long sleeve shirts, skating pants, tights, skating jackets, etc. Hoodies are not allowed on session ice. For safety reasons, long hair must be .ed back;
  3. Cell phones are not to be used during session .me. They may be placed behind the boards so that they are not leT alone in the dressing room. At no :me, is a cell phone to be used while on a training session. An iPad is available to use to video capture skills while on a session;
  4. Session music shall be played from the SSC/NSSA Inc. device only. No other devices are permitted to play music for the session. Any skater wishing to add music to the session play list is welcome to send music to the coach to have it added to the Club playlist;
  5. Skaters are expected to work on their skills, free skate and dances during the session .me. Time spent standing by the boards should be minimal;
  6. Dressing rooms are a privilege for all skaters, not a right. Skaters will be respectful of all other skaters in the room. Foul language is prohibited. Conversations will be kept to topics suitable for everyone. Failure to follow dressing room etiquette can result in loss of privilege of dressing room space.

Code of Conduct
All skaters, parents and guardians must adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Bullying is a form of harassment and is considered to be “personal harassment” as defined in the Skate Canada Membership Complaint Policy section 9. (c). Skate Canada’s complaint policies are contained in the Policies and Procedures section of the rule book available on the Members Only portion of the Skate Canada web site under Technical & Programs > Rules > 2013 Official Rule Book > Policies & Procedures > Bylaws.

Statement of Intent

Skate Canada strongly condemns bullying, will not tolerate bullying by any of its members, and is committed to raising awareness of this issue and preventing and eliminating bullying behaviour within Skate Canada. Skate Canada recognizes that bullying can have a serious adverse impact on personal dignity, self-esteem, confidence, personal safety, performance, enjoyment of skating and of life itself. All Skate Canada members have the right to participate in a safe, supportive and caring environment free from harassment and they have the responsibility to contribute to the protection and maintenance of this environment.

What is Bullying?
Bullying is a form of personal harassment and includes physical or verbal abuse that occurs once or repeatedly and may involve an imbalance of power. Bullying is intended to hurt and humiliate the victim and may include:

  • Insulting or derogatory remarks or gestures
  • Rude or vulgar language or gestures
  • Shouting, yelling, swearing, name-calling
  • Persistent unwarranted criticism
  • Public ridicule
  • Verbal, written or physical threats and intimidation
  • Hitting, kicking, pushing or other types of forceful physical contact

Bullying may occur in-person or through electronic means including e-mail, texting and social media.

What to do if you are bullied?
If a member has experienced bullying behaviour, or has witnessed another member being bullied, the member may submit a complaint to the SSC/NSSA Inc in confidence
to The SSC/NSSA Inc. is dedicated to nurturing a culture that supports skating in a fun and friendly environment that challenges everyone to perform at their very best. If needed, the member may submit a complaint to the Safe Sport through the Skate Canada National Office.

The Stratford Skating Club and Northern Star Skating Academy Inc. shall not in any way be responsible for loss of property, damage, or injuries to persons, including participants while on the premises. Membership will be closed for any session which becomes filled. The Club/School reserves the right to change categories or ice times at any times during the skating year, cancel programs where minimum registration levels are not met, and pre-empt ice times for test days and competitions. The SSC/NSSA Inc. and The City of Stratford are not required to make up lost time or compensate customers for closing arenas due to Acts of God.

Mission Statement
The Stratford skating Club and Northern Star skating Academy Inc. are committed to providing anyone interested in learning to skate, or looking to improve their skating skills, the opportunity to have a program that will help them reach their goals through a fun and safe environment.

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Stratford SC and Northern Star SA Inc.
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